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No-Nonsense Storage Tips and Strategies

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Quick Tips for Making a Storage Shed More Functional

Storage sheds are typically used to store your lawn care items or a small tractor and not much more. However, if you have a storage shed on your property or are considering purchasing one, you want to ensure it is as functional as possible for you. You can make some simple changes to your current shed or ensure that you look for certain features when shopping so you get the best shed possible for your property. Note a few quick tips in this regard.

1. Add insulation

Insulating your shed can give extra protection to anything you store inside that has an engine; when fluids in the engine get very cold, they may expand or become thick so they don't work as they should when you're ready to use that equipment again. Insulation can also protect against frost building up on your metal tools; in turn, they might not rust as quickly. You can also make your shed a workspace for your hobbies, gardening, and the like if you add some insulation and make the inside as comfortable as possible.

2. Add interior lighting

Interior lighting is often neglected in a simple shed, but it can make it easier to see your tools and everything stored inside. You're less likely to run into something when putting away the lawnmower at night when there is interior lighting. You don't necessarily need to run electricity to your shed to add lighting; find LED bulbs that work with a battery if there is no electrical connection to the shed. Since you will usually only have the light on for a few minutes as you're in the shed, a battery-powered light can be sufficient.

3. Add a porch or workspace

If you use your shed to store your barbecue and outdoor cooking equipment, why drag it all the way back to your home's patio every time you want to use it? Add a cement pad or deck to the outside of your shed so you have an added place to relax, or a place to work on your gardening, woodworking, car engine, and the like.

4. Add a ramp

If you struggle to drag your lawnmower, a wheel barrel of gardening items, or anything else over the threshold of your shed, add a ramp. You can often find wheelchair ramps that hook onto the end of thresholds and which are meant for outdoor use or find curb ramps that are used for sheds, trailers, and the like. This can make it much easier to roll anything heavy in and out of your shed.  

For more information about making the most of your storage sheds, contact a local supplier.