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No-Nonsense Storage Tips and Strategies

Want to organise your storage unit? Want to decide what to store? Want to read tips on buying other people's storage units? Regardless of what you hope to learn about storage, I want to share it here. Hi, my name is Chelsea, and as an avid collector who has almost always lived in small spaces, I have had to hire countless storage units. Now, I want to share knowledge from my experiences with you. Please, explore these blog posts -- I hope they will help you. When I'm not writing here or in my journal, I curate my collections. I have a number of collections, but my favourites are my mid-century modern doll furniture collection and my circa 1980's Disney wrist watch collection. Enjoy reading!


4 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your Slimline Tanks

Rainwater is a free resource that, properly harnessed and handled, can help to drastically reduce your water bills and improve sustainability. Usually, homeowners interested in collecting rainwater use gutters and tanks, depending on their needs and abilities. Because lot sizes have become smaller, particularly in urban areas, many homeowners are turning to slimline tanks, which occupy little space while allowing you to benefit from collected water. This article discusses four tips to maximize your tank usage. Read More 

5 Tips for Storing Wine

Sometimes you acquire wine as gifts or you pick up nice bottles on holiday. Over time, you may end up building quite the collection. Then, you need to figure out how to store it. If you want your wine to maintain the fullest taste, you need to store it carefully. Here are the storage tips you need to consider: 1. Choose a Dark Spot For long-term storage, wine needs to be in a relatively dark place. Read More