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Storage Unit | 3 Steps To Pack A Detachable Glass Coffee Table For Storage

If you're planning on renovating or moving, then you probably need to keep most of your furniture in a storage unit until you can use them again. But storing furniture requires careful planning and preparation because you don't want to end up damaging any item. This guide is designed to help you learn how to pack a detachable glass coffee table for furniture storage.

Disassemble The Coffee Table

The first thing you need to do when preparing to place your coffee table in storage is to disassemble all the components. This will make it easier for your while packing and will ensure that each component is properly protected –– keeping your table safe in the storage unit. If your coffee table comes with an instruction manual, make sure you follow it. If not, you will need to begin by unscrewing the nuts holding the table in place with a wrench or screwdriver. 

Wrap The Glass Top And Legs In Bubble Wrap And Packing Paper

Wrap the glass top in packing paper and bubble wrap. Apply masking tape to ensure that the packing sits securely against the glass top. If you want to make sure that the glass top is safe from any potential breakage, then enclose the glass top with several layers of bubble wrap. Similarly, you will want to wrap each individual leg of the coffee table in bubble wrap and packing paper because this will protect them from any scratches and blemishes. Wrapping them together may cause them to bump up against each other and trigger grazes, so wrapping them individually is always an ideal choice. Put any screws and nails into a small plastic bag and store it along with the legs.

Place The Glass Top And Legs Inside A Strong Cardboard Box

Before placing the glass top inside the cardboard box, be sure to fill the bottom with crumpled packing paper. This will create an additional layer and will prevent the glass from coming into contact with the ground. Once you have placed the glass top inside the box, you can place the legs over it. Make sure you also place the plastic bag with the nails and screws inside, so you don't end up losing them. Make sure you fill the cardboard box with as much packing paper as possible. This will tighten the components inside to prevent them from moving around and getting damaged while in transit to the storage unit. Close the cardboard box and secure it robustly with packing tape.