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5 Electric Guitar Storage Tips

Are you planning to put your electric guitar among the items that will be kept in a self-storage unit? Check out the helpful tips below so that your guitar is not affected by that time when it is in storage.

Put it in a Guitar Case

You should never store your electric guitar out of its case. That case is the first line of defence against dust and other forms of particulates. In case you lost the original case, buy one that seals completely and prevents the guitar from jostling around.

Clean It

Sweat, grime and other forms of dirt can affect the finish on an electric guitar. For instance, sweat can contain salts that can wear out the finish on the guitar. Clean your electric guitar carefully using the recommended cleaning products. This will ensure that the surface of that guitar will be free from any detrimental substances.

Pick the Location Carefully

The neck of an electric guitar can snap off if the guitar falls. You should therefore pick a spot where the guitar will be least likely to fall. For instance, you can put it in a corner where it is far from other items inside the storage unit. Additionally, avoid making the guitar stand because it may fall. Instead, lay it on its side.

Take Advantage of Climate Control

An electric guitar should never be stored in a self-storage unit that experiences humidity and temperature fluctuations. This is because those fluctuations will affect its condition. For instance, the guitar will warp and crack once it becomes very dry. Moisture can also cause the glue holding the guitar parts together to fail. You should therefore avoid taking chances; use a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

Use Moisture-Absorbent Packs

Provide additional moisture protection for your guitar by buying some moisture-absorbent packs. Put those packs inside the guitar case. The packs will absorb any moisture that makes its way into the guitar case if the climate-control system fails momentarily. In this way, the sensitive parts of your guitar (such as the strings) will be safe from the ravages of moisture.

Ask the personnel at a self-storage facility like Melco Storage for additional advice on how to protect your precious instrument while it is in storage. Use their suggestions together with the tips above as you prepare your electric guitar for storage. Remember to inspect and test all guitar components before you play it after it has been in storage for a long time.