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No-Nonsense Storage Tips and Strategies

Want to organise your storage unit? Want to decide what to store? Want to read tips on buying other people's storage units? Regardless of what you hope to learn about storage, I want to share it here. Hi, my name is Chelsea, and as an avid collector who has almost always lived in small spaces, I have had to hire countless storage units. Now, I want to share knowledge from my experiences with you. Please, explore these blog posts -- I hope they will help you. When I'm not writing here or in my journal, I curate my collections. I have a number of collections, but my favourites are my mid-century modern doll furniture collection and my circa 1980's Disney wrist watch collection. Enjoy reading!


Helpful Tips for Your Move

Professional removalists takes pride in ensuring their customers a stress free move. However, in order to ensure you are fully prepared for moving day, use the following tips.

Get Organized

You need to start early when you know your move is approaching. Chances are you have much more stuff than you remember. Also, take time to inventory your household's content to ensure that nothing is lost or damaged when you hire removalists. You should keep in mind that even professional movers will need adequate time to do the job right. Therefore, you need to ensure that you allow plenty of time.

Hire the Right Removalist

You need to give ample consideration to the movers that you hire. Certain areas to consider include:

  • Referrals from other customers
  • Licensing
  • Experience
  • Estimates and Price

There are quite a few services that will offer professional, licensed and insured services for all needs that are generated from moving. They provide peace of mind that your household items will arrive safe, secure and intact. This is extremely beneficial since the entire process can often be overwhelming.

Packing 101

There is an art to packing. Professional services will be able to provide packing services so you can eliminate the stress of packing endless numbers of boxes. However, you should still play an active role in the process to ensure that you know where the most important items are located. Some general packing tips you should adhere to include:

  • Keep boxes less than 30 pounds
  • Take time to eliminate unwanted items
  • Tape screws and other small parts to their parent item
  • Pack only one room at a time
  • Use towels, t-shirts and pillows as packing for fragile items

Box Labeling

Chances are all the boxes will look the same when you move into your new house. However, you can use standard labels to clue you in about what is inside:

  • Use a fat black marker that is sure to be noticed
  • Label both sides of the box
  • Abbreviate each room's name
  • Use "Open Me First" labels for items you will need right away
  • If it is breakable, mark it as "Fragile"

The fact is that moving can seem overwhelming; however, if you develop a plan and follow the tips found here, you will be surprised how easy the process can be. There is no reason to stress about this if you have professional removalists helping along. They will ease the worry of your move. For more info, contact a local moving company like Melbourne Supercheap Removals